Easytime Counseling

Our Philosophy

We each come to earth in a suit of flesh and blood, but that suit is not who we are. It is only a vehicle designed to transport our inner self, our spirit, through our time on Earth. While here on Earth, it is common for us to become so involved in the search “to have” and “to do” that we forget our purpose is simply to be.

The result of our fears can bring us to believe that our circumstances control us, rather than point us to the very things we need to change in our lives to give ourselves what we most desire.


When you hire Easytime Spiritual Counseling we will begin to discuss your current circumstances. Together, we’ll dig down into your fears and anxieties to understand how they came to exist. Once those are understood, we’ll guide you back to when you were younger to look for the spiritual clues that are almost always present. These clues will tell us about the spiritual being inside of your body, in other words, the real you. The you that will exist long after the body you inhabit has lost its battle with time.

Next Steps

Nothing happens until you make the decision to begin the process of change. The first step is to choose a spiritual counselor. We hope you’ll consider hiring us. Why not give us a call on our cell phone and interview us? The number is 928-412-0135. Or email us at easytime@me.com. There is never a charge until you hire us.