Life Changing IQbuds

IQbuds – the life changing device that allows you to hear what you want to hear.
Advanced Speech Amplification, Dynamic Noise Control, Augmented Hearing, High Fidelity Sound, Customizable App, Hands-free Calls, Comfortable Fit. Learn more at

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Smart Sunglasses

Vuzix Blade 3000 Smart Sunglasses
For work and play…
Allows you to stay connected and navigate without taking your phone out of your pocket. Social media, augmented reality, HD photography, track health levels for fitness activities.
Learn more at

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Theta – from Ricoh

Theta – from Ricoh
Captures 360 degree sperical images and HD videos.
Learn more at:

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iPal Robot

iPal Robot – for Children, Elder Care, and more

Learn more at http://www.ipalrobot.comare, and Hospitality/Retail

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Dr. Herbert Diess Explains Why Volkswagen is Going Electric

When Dr. Herbert Diess, a former BMW executive, became head of Volkswagen’s Core Passenger Car brand in July 2015, he took on a difficult task. In September, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had alleged that some four-cylinder engine Volkswagen vehicles were enabled to fraudulently pass emissions tests. The Volkswagen Group announced on September 22, that roughly five million Volkswagen Group vehicles worldwide were affected by issues regarding emissions. However, new vehicles do not have this issue.

Diess, 57 was appointed Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG and Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand to remedy the situation. He took over the reins from Dr. Martin Winterkorn, who remains Chairman of the Group Board of Management.

Born in Munich, Diess studied vehicle technology at Munich University of Applied Sciences and then mechanical engineering at Munich Technical University. The German automaker is now debuting its strategy to move into electric vehicles. Audi and Porsche AG, which are both owned by Volkswagen, have also announced plans to introduce electric vehicles.

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Gadgets of the Day

Check it out:

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Technically Advanced PowerPod is First Bicycle Power Meter that Attaches to Your Handlebars 
Easy to Install – No Need to Swap or Modify Bike Components – Moves from Bike to Bike Accuracy Measures Power in BOTH Legs up to 800 Times per Second 
Low-Cost — Same Quality as Power Meters that Cost 5 Times as Much –
11 Years in Development

Jupiter, Florida, September 8, 2015 – Culminating 11 years of design and technological advances, Velocomp, creators of computers that track performance and  measurement, announced today the patented PowerPod, the first power meter that attaches to your handlebars — no need to change crank, wheels, pedals, or bottom bracket. Effortlessly moving from bike to bike, PowerPod measures power produced by both legs at up to 800 times per second, transmitting data to any ANT+ cycling computer that reads power (including Garmin, Bryton, or more: Low-cost and easy to installPowerPod eliminates the compromises of accuracy, flexibility and affordability that cyclists must often consider when choosing to buy a power meter. PowerPod has received a very enthusiastic reception on Kickstarter:

Compact & Lightweight with Easy Installation — Compatible with GoPro Mounts

Compact and lightweight, PowerPod weighs just 1.3 ounces (32 grams) and measures 1.96” x 2.2” x .7” (50mm x 58mm x 18mm). PowerPod includes a GoProTM style handlebar mount, and additionally is compatible with GoPro metal-machined mounts.  PowerPod sits underneath the handlebars and out of the way and has a control button and a status light for mode and function display. Installation is easy: just attach PowerPod to the handlebars, pair it with your ANT+ speed sensor and ANT+ bike computer, then ride. After 5 minutes, PowerPod’s automatic, one-time calibration process is completed.

Power is Most Important Way to Measure Cycling Performance

Power (measured in watts) is the most important measurement in cycling.  For competitive cyclists, more power means faster speeds and longer distances.  For enthusiast cyclists, more power means better physical fitness and more calories burned. Velocomp’s patented power measurement technology: accelerometer, air pressure, elevation, and speed sensors measure the forces acting on both legs, up to 800 times per second. PowerPod delivers measurement accuracy comparable to the most expensive “gold standard” both-leg crank power meters, and accuracy superior to one-leg power meters. In addition to accuracy, PowerPod is low-priced at $299, up to 5 times less expensive than other power meters, saving cyclists hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Used by Pro Cyclists: Team Colombia, CCC Sprandi Teams, & Tinkoff Saxo VIP Club

PowerPod employs Velocomp electronics and firmware perfected over 11 years of development, and now used successfully by professional cyclists from Team Colombia, CCC Sprandi teams, and at Tinkoff Saxo VIP Club and Training events.

Works with Fitbit & Other Fitness Trackers to Make Them More Accurate with Cycling

“Power is so fundamental for cycling performance that most serious cyclists, professional cyclists, coaches, and sports scientists use power as the fundamental way to measure and improve cycling performance,” said John Hamann, CEO of Velocomp. “With PowerPod, cyclists can experience the advantages of training and riding with a power meter and not have to compromise on accuracy, portability or affordability. In addition, PowerPod ANT/BLE (to be released in February 2016) will work with fitness trackers that today are highly inaccurate when measuring cycling effort.”

PowerPod Features:

  • Low-Price:  PowerPod is priced 5 times less than other power meters.
  • Accuracy:  with sensor readings up to 800 times per second, PowerPod’s both-leg measurement delivers accuracy equal to the most expensive crank power meters and superior to one-leg power meters.
  • Easy Installation: no complex set-up and calibration. Just put it on your handlebars and pair with ANT+ speed sensor and ANT+ computer.
  • Portability: works with all cranks, wheels, pedals, and bottom brackets. Moves effortlessly from bike to bike.
  • Includes: accelerometer, air pressure sensor, elevation sensor, speed sensor, mount, mounting hardware, and rechargeable internal battery, Micro USB cable.
  • Superior Design: light-weight and rugged design.
  • Waterproof: waterproofed to IPX6 standards.

PowerPod will ship in the U.S. in November 2015 for $299 and comes with the sensor, mount, mounting hardware and Micro USB cable. For more information, see PowerPod’s Kickstarter site

About Velocomp

Velocomp, LLC is a sports technology company based in Jupiter, Florida, U.S. dedicated to product breakthroughs in areas of power measurement and cycling performance. The company leads the industry in delivering advanced power measurement at an affordable price.

For more information, see Kickstarter:, Facebook:, and Twitter: @iBikepower.


Photos: Velocomp PowerPod:
Velocomp PowerPod on Bike:
Velocomp Tinkoff VIP Cyclist:
Velocomp PowerPod on Bike Paired to Garmin Bike Computer:
Velocomp PowerPod Prototype Circuit Board & Housing:
Velocomp PowerPod Ride Data:
Velocomp PowerPod 2:
Velcomp PowerPod 3:
Velcomp PowerPod 4:
PowerPod Logo:
Velocomp Logo:

Press Contact:
Karen Thomas/Eva Yutani
Thomas PR Emails:
(631) 549-7575 Website:


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Under Shoes


Under Shoes

Rollkers are Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.52.18 PMunlike anything I’ve ever seen before, at least outside of science fiction.

Rollkers are the world’s first electronic “under shoes.” What that means is they’re a personal transportation device that consists of motorized wheels that attach to your soles, allowing you to walk faster, up to seven miles per hour.

“It’s for everybody who [has] to walk long distance,” Rollkers SAS CEO Paul Chavand told me at CES Unveiled.

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Wireless Lights

In addition to the switching the lights on and off, the color and intensity of BeeWi wirelessly controlled lights can also be adjusted from users’ smart phones.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.47.26 PMAP Photo/John Locher

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Review: Apple Pages 09

If you’re an author, publisher, or person who needs to control the way your text is seen in print or on screen, Apple Pages 2009 has many features you will find useful.


Apple Pages 2009 is word processing software for Macintosh Computers. It allows the user to control all margins including left, right, bottom, top, and gutter. This feature is very important if you are an author or publisher or if you need to submit a book manuscript to an independent self-publisher such as Easytime Publishing.


Apple Pages 2009’s grammar checking capabilities are limited. Consider copying and pasting your document into Microsoft Word and using the grammar checking capabilities of that program instead.


Despite it’s limitations, Apple Pages 2009 is the best bet if you’re an author or publisher. The ability to control gutter size has been stripped from the newer versions of Apple Pages.

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